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Kuwait Coast Guard Costal Surveillance System

ACIT as Prime contractor with STN Atlas Elektrionik (Now Signalis) has developed, installed, and commissioned a Costal Surveillance System (CSS) for Kuwait Coast Guard with primary objective is to protect its territorial water.

The system is still serving its purpose successfully and efficiently for more than seven years.

The Costal Surveillance System (CSS) was undertaken to make it possible for the Kuwait Coast Guard to enforce coastal security, supervision and control the activities of organized crime, illegal infiltration and migration, assets protection, and search & rescue (SAR).


Project General Objectives:

  • —  Full monitor and control of Kuwait territorial waters
  • —  Detect all kinds of marine targets and  illegal activities
  • —  Best situation awareness picture to allow for quick response to rescue operations
  • —  Monitor instantaneous changes in weather conditions
  • —  Record and archive all information.
  • —  High System Availability and Reliability
  • —  Remote Diagnostics
  • —  Long Term Spare Parts Availability
  • —  Operation and Maintenance Training
  • —  Warranty and Maintenance

System Features:

  • Open System Architecture
  • Modular System
  • Raw Video Presentation on-top vector electronic charts
  • Standard Interfaces
  • Built-In Redundancy

Major components of the System

  • Sophisticated marine surveillance radar system (X–Band – SF & FD) on top of a specially designed towers (60 to 85 m)
  •  Detect and track all kinds of marine targets (very small   targets) 1.5-2.5m² R.C.S., ranges: 9-12NM with 90 % P.O.D.
  • Best signal processing
  • Electronic vector smart charts with raw radar video overlaid
  • Management information system (MIS)
  • Data Communication Links (MW) – Loop topology
  • Voice Communication
  • Radio Direction Finder System (RDF)
  • Special Universal Automatic Identification System (U-AIS)
  • Meteorological System (WS)
  • Housekeeping System (SCADA)