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SIGNALIS is a Cassidian (EADS) and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK company (holding 60/40 shares) with all necessary resources to participate in even the largest business opportunities. The foundation of SIGNALIS sees two leading VTS/CSS Companies each with a long history of valuable contributions and technical advancements.

SIGNAL’S is the result of a merger between two well-known providers of maritime safety and security solutions; SOFRELOG S.A.S. and ATLAS Maritime Security GmbH. Both companies have been industry leaders for nearly three decades and are now joined together.

SIGNAL’S solutions are based on a modular system architecture allowing for an easy adaptation to meet the demands of individual customer profiles even under the harshest and most adverse conditions.

As a leader in Vessel Traffic, Surveillance and Security Systems for more than 25 years Signalis involved in many aspects of implementation and operations including system design, development of functional specifications and overseeing development teams customizing the systems to fit specific client needs. In order to achieve these goals; Signalis maintains a wide range of qualifications, embedded in the network of its strong shareholders to offer a variety of flexible solutions from straight delivery contracts to fully fledged turnkey services.

• Over 250 system installed all over the world

• References in over 50 Countries

• Running 15 -20 maritime/air/land surveillance projects in parallel

• 85 % international business